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Brad Pitt

One thing you can count on is Brad will continue to provide money, energy and assistance to charities around the world. After all, his North Node of the Moon is in the sign of Cancer in the 8th house.

A Cancer North Nodes mission is to nurture and care for others. "Opening your heart to others, being involved in the creative process betters your life.  Learn to deal with how things are, not for what they can become.  Concentrate on issues of family and emotional bonds and less on practical results.  You know how to be responsible; the big question is "Can you learn to be responsive to the emotional needs of others?"  The development of empathy and bonding requires you to take steps away from pessimism and to approach life's fuller possibilities."

We add to this the placement of his North Node in the 8th house. He is here to work with shared values, other people's money, legacies, inheritance. What he believes in he is to share with others, be it financial, spiritual, or transformational.

To me it appears Brad is living his mission. Read his report and see what you think!

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