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Brad and Angelina's Natal Chart Brad and Angelina
Full Report
Brad and Angelina's Horoscope
Brad and Angelina

Brad and Angelina is a Mixed - Dual Horoscope
Brad and Angelina

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Brad and Angelina

They say opposites attract, and these two are the text book example! Brad is a Sagittarius and Angelina is a Gemini. Both are very quick, witty and bright, but have opposite ways of dealing with their talents.

His Moon in Capricorn is opposite her Cancer Ascendant. They have very different emotional temperaments.

His Sun in Sagittarius is opposite her Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. She can zoom in and outsmart him, or so she thinks.

But all this push and pull makes for fireworks, and I bet they can never say it's been boring!

Click on the clock and read the Compatibility Report for the two of them.

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