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Glenn Beck

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Glenn Beck

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Glenn Lee Beck Arguing With Idiots

Glenn is like a comet, visible and dazzling, with staying power. Unlike a shooting star, Glenn aims high and far in his dreams for the world.

He's come out with a new book, "Arguing With Idiots, How to stop small minds and big government." It is billed as the "ultimate weapon: The Truth."

Glenn is an Aquarius, the Professor energy of the zodiac. He is here to impart, to spark a reaction. Either reaction will send the audience into action. He has that effect on people, as he is so passionate himself.

What I find fascinating in Glenn's chart is the conjunction of his Sun (21 degrees Aquarius), Mars (22 degrees Aquarius), and Saturn.(25 degrees Aquarius.) The Sun conjunct Mars is so vital and demonstrative, and then Saturn conjoins the Sun and Mars, and limits those very reactions. The push and pull of energies must be disturbing! Read in the report about this.

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