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Mel Gibson

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Mel Gibson

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Mel's mission for this lifetime is represented by the North Node in Sagittarius in the 6th house. He must be willing to take a stand on his higher values regardless of consequences. His growth comes through operating with a plan that he believes in, in his work and life. He has demonstrated time and again through his choice in films that he seeks the higher ground, to live a higher truth. But his Saturn in Scorpio shows that he loves and hates with the same intensity and must learn to transform his desires.

Mel Gibson is a Capricorn with Cancer Rising.( Built in conflict with the opposition). Add the Moon in Libra, it squares them both. (More tension).

This configuration is called a "Cardinal T-Square". The Sun, Moon and Ascendant create a "T". The Moon in Libra is the support for the opposition that crosses the top of the "T". It is the outlet for the tension, and it doesn't lend itself to venting well. This is the pleaser Moon sign, the emotional well being dependent on social interaction and intellectual identity. Acting impulsively is a byproduct of this "tension."

He certainly has asked a lot of himself this time around. And now fathering his 8th child! Read about Mel and learn from this perspective what drives his talents.

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