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Michael Jackson

I first heard of Michael Jackson of the Jackson 5 on a cross country road trip with my family. We were traveling to Illinois and Indiana to visit my Mothers parents and 14 siblings. It was the mid 60's and it was summer.

My cousin had a Jackson 5 poster on her wall, and I hadn't heard of them yet. She played us their music, and it was cool and new. The Beatles were my favorite then, but I couldn't help but dance when the Jackson's came on.

The boys had a long running career together: 1964-1989. And that was because of Michael. I recently went to see the movie "This is it!" the behind the scene's footage of the show he was ready to open right before he died.

It was very clear this Virgo was true to his Sun sign. He was part of everything, not controlling but aware, and an added artist's perspective. His perfectionist nature drove every aspect of his shows, from lighting to drum hits on his cue during a performance.

With Pisces Rising and Moon, Michael was an extremely sensitive person, leading an extremely public life. Then, Michael has Saturn conjunct his Midheaven in Sagittarius. This gave him the patience and persistence to shoot higher, and do more than he'd seen done before. The Moon squares his Midheaven, and opposes his Sun. There was much conflicted in Michael between his emotional needs and his ego drive.

It was clear in the film that Michael wasn't really close to anyone on set, but highly respectful to everyone equally. His Sun is conjunct Pluto in his natal chart, which indicates few people in his life really got to know him. His focus was the quality of the performance, and he was a perfectionist.

Take the time to read about Michael in his report; it will explain the King of Pop in a whole new way.

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