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Ridley Scott's Natal Chart Ridley Scott
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Ridley Scott

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Ridley Scott

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Ridley Scott was born in 1937, and grew up in Europe during WW2. His experiences, the images he saw, and the family he grew up in all put their stamp on Ridley's life work. He is one of my favorite directors, having made Bladerunner and Gladiator, and many more.

In casting his chart, there isn't an accurate birth time available, so I cast one without it. What we do know about Ridley is that he is a Sagittarius with a Scorpio Moon. The Sagittarian is the adventurer, who grasps the bigger picture, and uses all the skills and tools at their disposal to create what they need. The Scorpio Moon part can be a bit of a control artist, but in this field (Directing) it can be an asset. With Ridley's Moon square his Mars, he can be very temperamental and impatient, but they say he has learned over the years to tame the beast within, and use these traits to his favor. With his Moon opposite his Uranus, he craves excitement and change, and films provide him this living landscape.

The most amazing part of Ridley's chart is the Grand Water Trine between his Venus in Scorpio, Pluto in Cancer, and Saturn in Pisces. Venus, the planet of values and love, is dramatic in Scorpio. It demands deep and intense union, with grand passion and involvement. Pluto in Cancer creates a bonding nature, one who holds on to the past, family, and relationships. His feeling for the culture he belongs to as well as historical significance is strong. Then with Saturn in Pisces, one often has a sense of longing or homesickness for something you cannot name or specify, and you may have both a
great attraction toward, and fear of, mysticism and parapsychology. These combined energies blend into the Scott mix perfectly for the work he does.

And now, Ridley is embarking on yet another perfect addition to his works, Robin Hood.
He's chosen Russell Crowe as his male muse again, and Cate Blanchett as Maid Marion.
I'll be in line for that film!

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