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Rush Limbaugh's Natal Chart Rush Limbaugh
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Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh is very visible in the news, representing to our new president the embodiment of the conservative party. Those on the left note that Rush is brash, outspoken, "mean spirited."

Rush has an interesting chart. At face value (ascendant in Aquarius) Rush seems cool and detached, and his Sun in Capricorn supports this demeanor.

But, Rush's Moon is in Pisces in the second house of values. His Moon in Pisces tells us Rush is extremely sensitive, cares deeply about the underdog, and battles his own demons relative to addiction.

His Ascendant, Venus and Mars are all in the sign of Aquarius. He is a humanitarian with a forward thinking agenda for the world. He is a team player who wishes the best for humanity. He is socially oriented in his life, (Saturn and Neptune in Libra in the 9th house), playing a huge role in our political landscape.

Consider this when reading Rush's natal report.

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