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Russell Crowe

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Russell Crowe is working on yet another Ridley Scott Film, where he will be Robin Hood. This Aries is born to be a warrior, in films and out of them. There is no consensus on his accurate birth time, so I cast a chart without it. But rumor has it as being 2AM.

Russell Ira Crowe was born in Wellington, New Zealand April 7, 1964. Russell's parents both worked in catering on movie sets, and his father managed a hotel. Russell's maternal grandfather was a cinematographer, and his maternal great grandmother was Maori. He comes from a rich history in New Zealand, His family moved to Australia with he was 4 years old.

His acting career began there in the 90's, and his American Film Debut was in 1995 with Denzel Washington in Virtuosity. Then, in 1995, the film with Sharon Stone The Quick and the Dead. But my favorite was in 1997 with the release of L.A. Confidential. That is until Gladiator in 2000.

I think the 2 AM birth time may be correct, or close to it, as that would give Russell an Aquarius Ascendant. This is a very generous sign, with humanitarian ethics. Even as recent as filming on the Robin Hood set, Russell had an occasion to help someone in need. When Denise Yarde's car burst into flames, making it impossible to get to work in Surry for the shoot on time, she arrived and started telling colleagues about the incident, Crowe made a joke. She light-heartedly reminded the star not everyone was as well off as him.
"Well I suppose it's OK for you Russell. You've probably never had to worry about finding five grand for a new car," she said. Crowe walked away but later approached her with a bundle of cash and told her: "There you go. You can buy a $10,000 car."
I'm looking forward to the film, but here's to a true life Robin Hood, Russell Crowe.

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