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Ryan Buell

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Ryan Buell

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Ryan Buell is a Cancer. He is the lead investigator and star of the show PARANORMAL STATE, a ghost seekers show. I've been interested in the paranormal since I was very young, and it seems to have found Ryan at an early age as well. Ryan has an interesting blend of energies, with his Sun in Cancer and his Moon in Aquarius. The first being very attached, sentimental and sensitive, while the second being detached, objective and scientific.

Ryan and his crew go with the attitude of really helping the people they investigate, and seeing it through to the end most often. Ryan's Moon encourages him to reach out to friends and colleagues, then to psychics to the clergy when needed to get to the truth.

This astrologer is keeping an eye on Ryan and where his career leads him. I hope you enjoy reading his report and learning about the man behind the hunt.

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