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Elin and Tiger Woods are in the news lately, after his accident in their Florida neighborhood, Nov. 27, 2009. Allegedly, Elin and Tiger were arguing after a tabloid exposed yet another liaison of Tigers' went public.

The couple has been dealing with the fallout of their public "crash" and all of the women in Tiger's life being exposed. I wanted to cast a chart for the moment of the accident and see how it may have provoked the incident in their horoscopes.

I found that at the time of the accident there was a powerful transit in effect between the Moon, Pluto, and Saturn. The three of them all at two degrees, created a T-Square in the signs of Aries, Capricorn and Libra. These cardinal signs trigger a need for action and reaction, and provided an outlet for Elin's anger. In looking at her own transits at the time and prior, Elin has been contending with factors that push us past our rational threshold (Mercury square her Mars, Venus conjunct her Uranus, and Neptune square her Uranus.)

And did we mention there's nothing more potentially dangerous than a woman scorned?
They say there are negotiations on the table between them, him trying to keep her married to him, and her, well...negotiating on her and the children's behalf. And the remote location for their new home, where she can keep a close eye on him.

This is such a sad, common story. We don't know what drove Tiger into the arms of other women, but for now, here's hoping they get the counseling they need in order to salvage their family for their children.

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