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Uma Thurman

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Uma Thurman

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Uma Thurman just received a lifetime achievement award in Chicago at the International Film Festival. (10/22/09) And what an amazing life in film she has had. Some of my favorite films include her, like Terry Gilliam's, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988), and Pulp Fiction (1994).

Uma has led a very unique life, being the daughter of a Euro Socialite and model mom, and a Buddhist Scholar father. Their eccentric household blended beauty and spirituality in a most uncommon way than most of her peers households, which makes her most special. Frequently moving from school to school, she had an awkward childhood, being the new kid and towering over her peers. Her 6' body by the age of 15 opened her up to modeling and moving to New York to attend the "Professional Children's School" in NYC. This school is dedicated to teaching and accommodating working children of high school ages in the arts.

Then you look at her chart, and you see a very wise soul, humble yet powerful, loving but cool and detached. You couldn't have dialed in better role models for parents than hers for the blueprint she has. Uma has Virgo rising that trines her Taurus Sun in the 9th House. Anchored in Earth, she is well grounded and able to be very practical. Then add to her eccentric self an Aquarius Moon in the 6th house. It squares her Taurus Midheaven, bringing feelings into the workplace and emotions into her work relationships. Whether to focus attention on work or home can be a source of conflict in Uma's life. Being a single mom and a working actress can be hard to maintain well, without flexibility.

When you look at her chart, pay attention to the stellium of planets in the 9th and 10th houses, in Taurus and Gemini. She is here to manifest into the real world, that which she values. The Gemini energy is onboard to be the communicator in her career, with both Venus and Mars in that sign. She is very androgynous, with physical abilities that most of us wish we shared. What was her cross to bear (physical appearance) in her youth is her gift to share with the world now.

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