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Life is a Ritual

by on May.05, 2009, under SkyerLearning

The difference between living and enliven is attitude. Living sounds very biological, a system living within other systems. But to be enlivened is to bring a positive attitude to the day.

Some of us go through the day like robots, making sure we go through our check list and accomplish our daily tasks. We feel we must contribute, and we have found our niche. Now and then, we even partake in moments of joy and epiphanies, and that carries us through the dry times.

We line up on the freeways, or line up at the kids school entrance, or line up for coffee, or groceries; the list goes on. We stay vigilant due to our need to contribute, and our need for security. We are dutiful to our agreements and jobs, our relationships and our kids, but something is wrong with our pretty picture. We feel we are contributing, but never seem to do enough, never seem to give enough, as we are programmed to achieve.

Sometimes the programming goes beyond our abilities or our available energy, but onward we go, seeking that end reward of security and stability.

Then, outside of ourselves the world takes a turn, and all of our programming comes to a halt. We are like deer in the headlights, startled and frozen, and in shock. Our environment didn’t warn us, didn’t inform us how to deal with this. We plug into the media and look for answers. We look to our government and seek help to get through it all. We become victims of our environment, and stay frozen until directed to move forward.

We are in one of these times, where we feel victims of our environment. What with the economic systems failing, the housing markets, the auto markets, terrorism, the list goes on. We are all traumatized through the world events we are exposed to, and our own country. This translates to either being swept into the mass hypnosis of despair, or, having our own information highway to access, and turning a deaf ear to the hype.

Spirit told me years ago that our greatest strength as human beings was our connection with our highest self, or counsel. When life becomes unordinary, and we are thrown into despair, our greatest tool and skill is to listen to our inner voice, and follow its direction. We can trust that voice when all others must be filtered through our higher consciousness, and dealt with accordingly.

This skill is imperative in our future, developing it will enliven your life!

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