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Layers of Change

by on Mar.28, 2009, under SkyerLearning

Consider the layers of change that take place in middle age. We go through our mid life crisis, looking at our health, our relationships, our happiness, our success, or lack of any of these in our existence. We must grow and change, or we will end up frustrated, depressed, or possibly ill.

All of this culminates in “the change of life”; that mysterious passageway between the past and the future. It has been a subject shrouded in mystery for those now experiencing it as our mothers were of a different generation, one more private and uninformed than we. I remember hearing stories of some of my girlfriends moms who had such a difficult time in menopause that they broke up their families and ran off alone, or one whose family had her committed to a mental ward.

There was so little to offer these women, spiritually, mentally, emotionally in the mainstream that few even knew physically what was really taking place, other than they would eventually no longer menstruate. Their choices were few in the medical field, and usually these women had to “tough it out” alone.

Well, we no longer live in an uninformed society, with the internet and the myriad of healing modalities available. With access to so many directions to go, it is up to each of us to educate ourselves in order to lead the most fulfilling life. We have no excuse to wallow in confusion, in pain, in fear, when we have available to us healing. My goal has always been to seek freedom from confusion, pain and fear through educating and expanding my awareness.

There is no one answer for everything, no magic pill or cure all. There is however a path one can take toward wellness. When we expand our belief system to include the many alternate modalities of healing, and research which ones can benefit us personally, the potential for perfection becomes possible.

I’ve found there is typically a “missing link” in each of our lives, unless we’ve led a balanced and conscious existence. This becomes exaggerated in mid life, due to many factors in menopause. We find it either becomes the cross we bear, or we allow it to bring illness in some form; physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.

I believe the “master plan” set this series of events to take place, not only to end women’s periods, but to groom women for true wisdom. I’ve worked with women for the last two decades, going through their personal transformation through their cycles of life, and found there is a beauty to it all, a rhyme and reason for it all. I’ve seen people in balance, working effectively and passionate about their lives, and I’ve seen misery. Misery is the first step to balance, as it shows how painful our existence can get when we give up. When we climb back into life and seek the wisdom we lack, in whatever hurdle we are struggling through, we are always better for the journey when we embrace the lesson.

Struggle leads us through the myriad of lessons, synchronicities, and chaos of our lives in order to seek the higher ground, the peace that lies beyond the chaos. We visit and revisit the many imperfections we have observed in ourselves and those around us, and we come to a level playing field of awareness that allows us to reintroduce ourselves to ourselves. We may change our minds about what has appeared to be so painful in our past, seeing it as an asset now, the piece of ourselves that made us ourselves. We may look at our relationships differently when we cease to take everything personally and view it through the eyes of wisdom and experience. We pull our own covers and realize we are on the same journey as the rest of humanity, and together we can find our way out of delusion and misery.

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