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Understanding Astrology

Astrology is easily understood when you think:

The year is divided into four seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each season has three months, each month with its own sign. 12 months, 12 signs.

There are three qualities, or stages to each season. The first month of every season is termed CARDINAL: it initiates the season. The second month is FIXED: its when the season is most stable, dug in. The third month is MUTABLE: the culmination, adaptable and ready to change. 4 seasons, three qualities or months per season; 12 months.

There are four elements that rotate like the seasons, but in a different pattern. They cycle FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER, three times over the span of a year. FIRE is active and initiating; EARTH is the passive, a practical builder; AIR is active, the thinking element, the intellect; and WATER is passive, and feels, deals with the emotional content. Four elements time three months, 12 months.

Astrology is a science of patterns and interpretations, built on centuries of observations made by astrologers. The seasonal patterns follow the same dictates as we do.

Each sign is a type of energy. We are made up of these energies, each of us alive on this planet Earth. We are each a collection, unique and different from each other. How we express these energies makes us unique. Astrologers seek to understand these collections in order to best access the abundance life has to offer.

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