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The Ram



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Aries is the sign that initiates our solar year, with the first month of spring; the Vernal Equinox. This is when the seeds that lie beneath the coverings of winter begin to receive the proper stimuli to sprout. Likewise, the Aries energy brings the individual a curiosity much like a child‘s, with the will and energy to act on it.

Aries, ruling the first month of the solar year, also rules the first house of the zodiac. Aries is a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs govern the beginning, the source, and plant the seeds for what is to come. Aries is a natural leader, an initiator that can be willful and courageous. Directing that will is the challenge for the Aries individual, taking care not to be a dictator or willful child.

Aries is the first fire sign. The fire element brings even more energy to the mix. Aries energy is impressive, bringing fresh insights, quick quips and great humor. Aries people can delegate well when they develop patience; as they see the whole picture faster than the rest of us, but cannot do it all alone. The challenge for them is to lead others in a team effort.

Aries is ruled by the Planet Mars. Mars is male/positive energy, a warrior energy that likes a good fight. When well directed, a strong Mars can lend to the individual a great courage, a hero‘s temperament, confidence and leadership. Badly directed can bring disharmony, selfishness, arrogance and mischeif.

The Ram is the symbol for Aries. Rams plough with their horns to expose the food beneath the surface, the sprouts that lie below, to feed their family. So the Ram energy is breaking the surface to be nourished and fed.

To strive for the highest Aries energy would be to have the strength and courage to fight for whatever ideal, cause, person that you believe in enough. To be willing to speak your mind with calm authority, rather than impulsively. To learn to listen to others so as to be the best leader. And, to pioneer new horizons that others fear to tread.


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