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The Goat



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Capricorn is the sign that rules the 10th solar month of the year, and the 10th house of the zodiac. This sign is responsible, ambitious, and eager to build a foundation from which to build. The 10th house, also begins with the midheaven, and speaks volumes of what your career choice will be.

Capricorn is the fourth cardinal sign of the solar year, and the first month of winter. It begins on the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Capricorn energy is beneath the surface like a frozen pond with fish swimming under the ice. They lead through determination and perseverance. They trudge ahead slow but sure, never giving up.

The Earth element adds a practicality to this sign, making Capricorn a builder, like Taurus, but more action-initiating and ambitious. They build upon their last success, learn from their mistakes, and appreciate the material things that life offers. They work hard for what they receive and it‘s lasting rather than fleeting.

The planet Saturn rules Capricorn, and brings caution and restriction to the mix. Saturn governs duty, limitation, self discipline; all things responsible and practical. It teaches us through frustrated effort to take the necessary steps to achieve our goals.

The Goat is the symbol for Capricorn as it climbs up steep passages to find sustenance and what it needs to survive.

The highest use for Capricorn is to seek a career that truly allows you to shine in your field with integrity. Not to create for money‘s sake alone, but to grow and climb to the highest heights. To remove the icy walls that has provided safety, and to allow vulnerability in order to become whole. To learn to trust others and work with them.


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