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Pisces is the ruling sign for the 12th month of the year, and the 12th house of the zodiac. It is a sign of endings, of graduation. Ruling the last house, it is all about what needs attention before rebirth. It is potentially the highest version of humanity, or, the least conscious, escaping responsibility.

Pisces is the fourth mutable sign of the zodiac, being the last month in the winter season. And like all mutable signs, this one is preparing for breaking the ice and moving into spring. It represents the preparation for the new seeds to take root, which is the weeding, and clearing, and fertilizing.

Pisces is the fourth and final water sign, making it so very sensitive, it sometimes clouds the judgment. Pisces energy is so susceptible to blending with others; it can become undefined and lose itself. Being a mutable water sign can encourage flexible feelings, as in changing with their environment.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. It is feminine and passive energy. Neptune shows the fork in the road between the low road and the high road. The low road is cloudy, confused, escaping reality. The high road brings spiritual wisdom, creativity and compassion.

The Fish swimming in opposite directions is the symbol for Pisces. It describes the dual nature of Pisces energy, the lower and higher. Pisces are pulled in two directions, and constantly challenged with choosing the right path.

The highest use for the Pisces energy is to seek spiritual understanding through finding their voice in the real world. To not procrastinate and buckle under pressure. To look for examples in the world to strive for, and to resist the temptation to escape reality and find spirituality in the bottom of a bottle or drugs.


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