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The Crab



Water Sign


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Cancer rules the fourth month of the solar year, and the fourth house of the zodiac. Cancer is the first of three months of summer. It is the sign of the mother that gives birth and sustenance to the creation, weather it be human, animal, plant, or otherwise.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, being the first month of the summer season. It is an active time of year, beginning with the first day of summer; the summer solstice. It leads with the longest day of the year, the brightest, most hopeful time, when the sprouts have sprouted and life is growing stronger every day.

Cancer is the first water sign, an energy governed by feelings and instincts, or body knowledge. Cancer senses what is necessary; they read between the lines and hear the message from within it. Cancer is a feminine/passive energy; receptive, yet with the cardinal energy, it leads. Like the mother in a family, she is a different leader than the father, yet she leads.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the other luminary in our solar system besides the Sun. The Sun radiates, and the Moon reflects. One rules the day, the other the night. The Moon lights the way through otherwise dark passages, by leading us toward the future through the past. We are the result of past actions, and the Moon remembers and uses this insight. Cancer energy is intuitive, resourceful and traditional.

Cancer‘s symbol is The Crab. The crab is a water creature that has a hard shell and a soft interior beneath it. Cancers can have a tough exterior, sometimes well protected and insulated, but beneath that cover is a tender feeling nature. They protect themselves from being hurt emotionally, and tend to run when confronted.

The best use of Cancer energy is to nurture, care for, and encourage growth in the garden of our life. To mother and love those around us without smothering them. To give birth to creation and delegate to the collective how to care for it. To not be too attached and let go when necessary emotionally.


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