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The Lion



Fire Sign


July 22 2012

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August 22 2013

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Leo rules the 5th month of the solar year, and the 5th house of the zodiac. Leo is the king of the jungle, and likewise Leo rules their domain. The energy is strong, regal, with a sense of authority, usually well deserved. Or so they think. Leos are the heart of the zodiac, and can be very loving and generous.

Leo is the second fixed sign of the zodiac, being the second month of the summer season. It is when it‘s hot, really summer, solid and sure. It‘s when you want to plant yourself in a lawn chair with a cool drink and just sit. Relax, enjoy, this time of year is built for it.

Leo is the second fire sign of the zodiac, full of fury and initiative. Leo‘s energy is very creative, ardent in love, full of drama and uninhibited behavior at its best. It can be over the top, when too bold and pushy. At its worst, Leo‘s energy can be fickle, selfish, and touchy. At its best, shining bright like the sun in everything they do.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center and source of our solar system. That is the demeanor of a Leo, the center and source of their environment. With this seat comes the entitlement of authority and kingly duties. With the misuse of this seat comes abuse of power and authority.

The Lion is Leo‘s symbol. The Lion and the Lioness are very similar to the king and queen of the savanna. They hold court with their pride; they rule fiercely and protect theirs until their death. Leo energy inspires respect and admiration.

The highest use of Leo power is to be a creative performer on life‘s stage. To inspire and uplift through their talents. To shine and be an example of what others can accomplish. To be generous with their power and give willingly without strings attached.


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