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The Virgin



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Virgo is the sign ruling the 6th month of the solar year, and the 6th house of the zodiac. Virgo is the last month of the summer season, and during its period the changes are noticeable. We go from the heat of summer to the cooler nights of fall. Likewise, Virgo is the symbol of the harvest, reaping the rewards of the summer season, and preparing them for the cooler days ahead. Their energy includes the warmth of summer, and the cool aloofness of fall.

Virgo is the zodiacs second mutable sign, changing from one season to the next. Virgo energy is very intellectual, as it inventories all that the soul has encountered, and stores it in the body mind. Virgo‘s pay attention to the details in order to make sense of their environment, making them somewhat more objective than others. Virgo is the adult child of the zodiac.

Virgo is the second earth sign of the solar year. The earth element brings a concern for earth matters to Virgos. They are very good with caring for the world, conscious about cause and effect, and taking responsibility for their actions. They love nature and the outdoors. The energy is grounded in conservation and practicality.

The planet Mercury rules Virgo, bringing a mental quality to this earth sign. Virgoan people are very analytical, seeing the details of any given situation. But at times they miss the emotion altogether and dwell in their critical thinking, both about themselves and others. Some astrologers believe another planet will be discovered, that is the true ruling planet for Virgo, as Mercury already rules Gemini. That remains to be seen at the time of this writing.

The Virgin is the symbol for Virgo. Virgin‘s are pure and right; Virgo‘s strive to be perfect. The symbol also encompasses fertility and the process one must undertake to bear fruit, in the field and at home.

To strive for the best use of Virgo‘s energy would be to investigate thoroughly whatever it is that needs research. To leave no stone unturned in the effort to learn. Virgo‘s are all about work and health, and both are their responsibility to master. They need to resist pettiness and over critical thoughts, and remember service and striving for the best.


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