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The Scorpion



Water Sign


Oct 23 2012

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Nov 21 2013

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Scorpio rules the second month of autumn and the 8th month of the solar year. It also rules the 8th house of the zodiac. Scorpio is a powerful sign, very mysterious and deep, and somewhat taboo. Scorpio rules desire in the old school of astrology, and with desire come all the consequences. It can be a sign of extremes, when unbalanced, and great power and depth when balanced.

Scorpio is the third fixed sign, and is fixed in its behavior and energy. This makes the Scorpio component of a personality very stubborn at times, and unwilling to budge. All fixed signs share a need for respect, and when Scorpio‘s don‘t receive it, they disappear, as if magically. They never forget, and at times never forgive.

Scorpio is the second water sign of the zodiac, and extremely sensitive, but often stuck in its own version of emotions. It can be difficult to reason with this energy, so powerful and touchy. And no one protects like a Scorpio, when cornered. They have a sting you will likely not forget.

Scorpio‘s ruling planet is Pluto, even though Pluto is no longer astronomically deemed a planet. Pluto is the transformer, reformer, the Phoenix. Scorpio‘s can crash and burn and rise out their own ashes, better for it. Scorpio‘s tend to learn the hard way, hanging on desperately in order not to be left vulnerable. They can tend to be loners rather than suffer because of others.

The Scorpion is the symbol for Scorpio. But that is only one symbol, another is the Eagle. They describe the two natures to Scorpio, the low one and the higher one. But both are predatory in nature. Seeing things from a higher perspective is encouraged here.

The highest use for Scorpio energy is as a manager of important business dealings, or taking charge in collaborative efforts. Using their power to lead and assist toward the greater good is rewarding. To resist the sensory satisfaction and to strive for material and spiritual success simultaneously.


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