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Welcome to the Journey

The Adventure of Your Lifetimes

A journey is an excursion from one destination to the next. The purpose of a journey is to make passage from one place to another, as in the journey from poverty to abundance.

At Skypatterns, I have collected Journeys to travel from one state of being to another. From confusion to clarity. Each journey is created with a specific target in mind, revealing to the traveler; what is necessary for their personal evolvement.

In order to take a journey you are prepared with an induction into a trance state. It is a relaxed state of being, where the unconscious mind can be directly spoken to. The resistance disappears. We are open to receive visions that can be interpreted and used to become happier, healthier, and connected to our highest version. Like peeling an onion, the layers of discord are loosened and shed, opening up to the core of what lies beneath it. Once the core is revealed, the charge;, or energy connected to that core is removed forever.

Energy, unlimited by fears, beliefs, phobias, and conditioning if freed. This energy can be tapped and used to heal, to create, and to reinvent ourselves. Close the door behind you, and walk into a new future.

To gain the most insight it is best if you have a Skypatterns Life Reading or Birth Chart Reading done for you to help interpret your journey.



I've designed these journeys to be taken in order from the first to the last.

After each journey you will receive a full explanation of the
information each journey was leading you to find. Don't peek ahead, allow your subconscious to reveal to you the hidden treasures within, free of any predisposed thoughts. Then you can move on to the next journey.

You can contact me if you need help understanding your journey.

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