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The Comet Elenin 2011

by on Aug.28, 2011, under In The News

There is a lot of speculation going on with the Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1 Elenin). In case you haven’t heard about it, it is a comet discovered by Leonid Elenin of Moscow December 10, 2010, at the ISON-NM observatory, and is now in our solar system. It’s trajectory has been tracked since it’s discovery, and many are watching in anticipation in the astronomical world.

As an astrologer I wanted to keep a level head when writing this article, as my curiosity is inquiring as a astronomical body, how will the comet effect us and planet Earth? The speculation runs the full spectrum of fear mongering and end of the world scenarios, to possible weather effects or no effect at all. But, being an astrologer, I am used to being scoffed at for believing that these bodies do in fact have many effects on us, whether we know it consciously or not.

This comet brings to light what I spoke about in my last article, about Neptune Retrograde in Aquarius and what it reveals. Now is a time, with all of the earthquakes, weather, and volcanic possibilities hitting us at home, to take a deep breath and look at the signs. We are in an “end times” transit, which means the old world is changing and we are here to change with it. Being afraid of change just incapacitates us, looking at it as an opportunity to grow and learn enlightens us.

Look at what Hurricane Irene has done to the East Coast. It’s bringing people to their knees, wondering what to do. Many people I’ve spoken to have called in friends and family to their aid to move out of it’s path and wait it out. We see we are all in it together and help is on the way. Not from the government, or the local authorities so much as each other. We are here learning how small we are in respect to our planet, and how we are subject to whatever we as a body are experiencing.

Periscope out to our astral community and what effects it has on our planet, then look at this comet. Some hold it responsible for these weather anomalies and the seismic activity in unlikely places like Washington DC. Some say it is the perfect cover up for HAARP and it’s uses. Time to do some reading folks, some research, and to learn. Many live like the ostrich with its head buried; it’s time to wake up and take a look at things and become aware. There is no one but our own selves to know what is really taking place with a clear understanding having looked into all the information available to us. I’m saying to my readers, open your eyes and see clearly. Use your intuition to guide you through these so called “end times”, and let go of the fear attached to it.

I’m watching, I’m reading and researching, and I invite you to share your perceptions and insights with others so we may grow together.

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