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Sun in Gemini 2021

by on May.21, 2021, under In The News

In 2021 the Sun will be in the sign of Gemini from May 21st through June 20th.

Gemini rules the third month of the solar year, and the third and final month of spring. Spring is moving into summer, and the tell tale signs are there, yet it hasn‘t happened yet. The Gemini energy is dual in nature, having both qualities of spring and summer built in. They are great at seeing all sides of anything they pursue, and the ability to move with the times. Being so flexible can bring a restlessness that can stop the Gemini from staying with anything after its newness wears off.

Gemini is the first mutable sign, the sign that culminates spring. Gemini energy is adaptable, like the month of the season it rules. The end of May, beginning of June can seem like spring one day, summer the next. Gemini‘s energy is versatile, good at many things, sometimes the master of none. Gemini curiosity and need of variety can take an individual off their course quite easily. They can get bored with the same routine, and need change. It‘s Gemini‘s nature.

Gemini is the first air sign. The air element brings intellect to the Gemini. They are flexible thinkers, being a mutable air sign. The air element brings cleverness to the Gemini, unencumbered with the need of stubbornly adhering to old ways. They think on their feet, are lost in their thoughts, and challenged with the goal of bringing those thoughts down to earth.

Gemini is ruled by the God Mercury. Mercury is the messenger, and so are Geminis. The mental capacity and the speedy delivery of those thoughts are what Gemini‘s can excel in. The challenge is to stay connected to the world through not only the mind, but physically and emotionally. Gemini‘s can be aloof and cool.

The Twins symbolize the dual nature of the Gemini energy, one the opposite by nature from the other. This gives the Gemini the ability to see all sides of a situation. Used negatively, the individual can be like a Jekyll and Hyde, from one extreme to the other.

The highest use of Gemini energy is to access the wit and lightness of this air sign to cover a broader base, free of emotions. To stay flexible in your abilities and to remain curious and forward thinking. To share and disseminate information for the greater good.
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Sun in Taurus

by on Apr.19, 2021, under In The News

In 2021, the Sun is in the sign of Taurus from April 21st through May 20th.

Taurus rules the second month of the solar year, and the second month of spring. Ruling the second month makes Taurus solid, grounded and anchored into it‘s environment, like the seeds that have taken root. Taurus energy brings the nurturing that is necessary for a seed to sprout. Taurus is simple, basic, uncomplicated energy.

Taurus is the first fixed sign. Fixed signs are steady, determined, at times stubborn and stuck. Every force has potentially two sides, the positive polarity and the negative polarity. Taurus energy, used positively, lends the individual the resolve to stick to it, to be persistent, to go the extra mile. Used negatively it‘s used to stay stuck in old ways and not move, not budge.

Taurus is the first earth sign. The earth element adds a sensory component to Taurus energy that encourages the individual to seek satisfaction and/or gratification. Earth signs make good cooks, gardeners, artists, designers, life enhancers. Seeking satisfaction through the senses is typical earth desire, and can be a gift or a curse, depending on the level of attachment to it. Taurus people can struggle with that.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, and is feminine/passive by nature. It relies on the law of attraction, where Mars relies on the law of creation. Like breathing in and out, the energies change and bring constant motion. Venus brings harmony and beauty to the mix, making the earth talents even richer. Taurus people work with harmony through the arts, music, law and counseling, and teaching.

The Bull is the symbol for Taurus, and like the bull they are strong and harmless until provoked, then steadfastly hold their ground and prepare for a fierce battle. Their material goals are commonly the source of these battles.

To strive for the highest expression of the Taurus energy, one would express themselves in creative, practical and useful ways. They would surround themselves with beauty, whether or not it was expensive. They would build their security and resources and be accountable to their responsibilities. And they would be willing to stand their ground for all the right reasons, but change when necessary.

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The Sun in Aries

by on Mar.21, 2021, under In The News, SkyerLearning

Happy Solar New Year as of March 20th, 2021! We are living in a new world in this New Year! Nothing resembles the past but for the remnants of structures and practices that used to be. And with this Solar energy, we are here to recreate and reimagine ourselves brand new.

As the months roll by we are given a chance to explore all parts of ourselves, as the Sun transits each house of the zodiac. While the Sun transits in Aries, a Cardinal Fire sign, we explore life from our child within. Like being born, we are exploring our new world with enthusiasm and curiosity. The baby is interested in basic needs, like food, water, and sustenance. We are looking at what nourishes and comforts us.

Aries is the sign that initiates our solar year, with the first month of spring; the Vernal Equinox. This is when the seeds that lie beneath the coverings of winter begin to receive the proper stimuli to sprout. Likewise, the Aries energy brings the individual a curiosity much like a child‘s, with the will and energy to act on it.

Aries, ruling the first month of the solar year, also rules the first house of the zodiac. Aries is a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs govern the beginning, the source, and plant the seeds for what is to come. Aries is a natural leader, an initiator that can be willful and courageous. Directing that will is the challenge for the Aries individual, taking care not to be a dictator or willful child.

Aries is the first fire sign. The fire element brings even more energy to the mix. Aries energy is impressive, bringing fresh insights, quick quips and great humor. Aries people can delegate well when they develop patience; as they see the whole picture faster than the rest of us, but cannot do it all alone. The challenge for them is to lead others in a team effort.

Aries is ruled by the Planet Mars. Mars is male/positive energy, a warrior energy that likes a good fight. When well directed, a strong Mars can lend to the individual a great courage, a hero‘s temperament, confidence and leadership. Badly directed can bring disharmony, selfishness, arrogance and mischeif.

The Ram is the symbol for Aries. Rams plough with their horns to expose the food beneath the surface, the sprouts that lie below, to feed their family. So the Ram energy is breaking the surface to be nourished and fed.

To strive for the highest Aries energy would be to have the strength and courage to fight for whatever ideal, cause, person that you believe in enough. To be willing to speak your mind with calm authority, rather than impulsively. To learn to listen to others so as to be the best leader. And, to pioneer new horizons that others fear to tread.

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New Moon in Pisces 2021

by on Mar.04, 2021, under In The News

I’ve written an article on my sister site about the last New Moon of the year. Check it out on my sister site :

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The Vernal Equinox 2021

by on Mar.04, 2021, under In The News

Saturday March 20th at 2:37 AM PDT, (daylight savings time begins March 14th) is the first moment of SPRING! Oh boy, am I ready for this season to begin! Every year when the Sun is stationed at 0 degrees Aries, it is the astronomical first day of Spring. That is for the Northern Hemisphere; and for the Southern, it is their first day of Autumn.

Equinox is from Latin, meaning equal night. It is equal day/night, and happens twice a year. For centuries people have celebrated this day as it brought hope for more light, more warmth and longer days. It signals when to plant our seeds according to where we live. It heralds the dream in action, created over these last weeks while the Sun is in Pisces.

Aries is a Fire Sign, and as such ignites our individual concerns and actions. Being ruled by Mars, the planet that represents how we put our dreams into action, we are self driven like the child in a new world. It is very basic and primal; willing to cry out when no one’s listening. This Fire Sign begins things, animates life from fauna to flora. We can derive much inspiration for our personal objectives and have the energy to follow through.

This childlike energy is best expressed creatively, as in planting a garden, refurbishing your surroundings, creating things with your hands, using color and form to bring your ideas to life. Take a walk and look around you for materials to create with, like finding a special rock. Everything can look magical through a childs’ eyes, so allow yourself to be that child for your happiest existence.

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The Sun in Pisces

by on Feb.20, 2021, under In The News

In 2021 the Sun entered the sign of Pisces on February 18th, and will stay in that sign until March 19th. Before we begin the first day of Spring, March 20th, we all have some work to do. It has to do with “endings” as that is what this sign encourages.

Pisces is the sign that rules the last month of the solar year. Unlike the New Year of January 1st, this is the planet’s new year. Before it begins, the work of clearing, and finishing up all the winter projects must be completed in order for the “seeds” of Spring to grow. This Water Sign is very sensitive to everything and everyone, and can do best when driven to conclude the emotional turmoil brought up throughout the prior year.

I liken this time to preparing the ground in the garden. The winter snow is melting, like the emotional issues and stresses 2020 brought us. We are well prepared for an uncertain future, like when you plant any seed. But we know the more fertile our planting medium, the more likely our “seeds” will grow. So in our field of dreams we nurture the soil with nutrition, we weed out invasive intruders, and encourage as much light as possible to help it grow.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune; the planet of idealism, vision and high inspiration. When we are guided by these lofty goals we can reach great spiritual heights. But Neptune can also illicit confusion, bringing procrastination in order not to commit and make a mistake. But, this can become an excuse.

So the most useful way to experience the end of our solar year is to review what worked, learn from what didn’t, and cast your net into your sea of dreams. Listen to the guidance you receive and put it to good use. Stay flexible and witness our future unfolding.

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New Moon in Aquarius

by on Feb.11, 2021, under In The News

I wrote an article on my sister site about the New Moon….go to

Happening today;)

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Mercury Retrograde

by on Jan.28, 2021, under In The News

For the first time in 2021, Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Aquarius from January 30 through February 20th. People talk about the symptoms of Mercury Retrograde….technology issues, communication problems, stumbling blocks presented, as well as physical concerns. It seems to coincide with computers going down, phone issues, and a general feeling of chaos.

Mercury is the messenger; the planet of thought, speech and rules our mental nature. Aquarius is an Fixed Air Sign that is especially inventive, has humanitarian concerns and strives to be unique and different. Combining these qualities makes for an enlightened period where our thinking evolves from feeling trapped in the current lock down, to the freedom of sitting still and reconnecting.

But the monkey wrench is thrown in when Mercury goes retrograde. The Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are all in the sign of Aquarius now, This supplies strength in the form of stubbornness and persistence, so time to review what you are striving for. I believe when Mercury is retrograde, rather than begin anything new, it is time to review and finish/finalize projects, reconsider our plans and goals, and thoroughly look over what we do and how we are doing it.

The good news is the sign of Aquarius strives for freedom and wishes the best for all humanity. This can be a few weeks of forward motion with our thinking if we open our hearts to ourselves and others. It is the perfect time to go within and do a checklist of what needs attention and what you will do about it. Time for new solutions and hopeful conclusions.

So grab hold of this time. Don’t let it leave you frazzled, but quiet your chaos with peace within. After all, how we respond to stimuli is up to us, so use this information to best address this time, and free yourself.

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Full Moon in Leo 1/28/2021

by on Jan.20, 2021, under In The News

I’ve written an article on my sister site; at . Please check out this article!

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We’ve Landed; 2021

by on Jan.16, 2021, under In The News

As of this date, we are half way through our first month of 2021. The Sun is in the sign of Capricorn for a few more days…let’s finish up the business this Sunsign inspires!

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, starting off each year with a serious look at what has been, what is, and what is to become. This “builder” energy of the zodiac urges us to do the work that it takes to fulfill our goals. We are encouraged to seek security, caution and reliability for ourselves and others. Saturn is the taskmaster and the Great Teacher as most of us learn through difficulties. It indicates the karmic tasks we have come back to solve and dispense with.

So, with these few days left in the Sun in Capricorn, we have the back up of Pluto and Venus transiting in Capricorn. Lessons will continue well past this month, as Pluto the transformer carries on the work of tearing down what was and recreating what will be. And Venus, the planet of love, values and finances, motivates us to do the work of rebuilding.

Pay close attention to what you are guided to work on, and follow through with it. This is not the time to be idle, we are getting ready for the Sun to move into the sign of Aquarius, a very different energy. “May the Force Be With You!”

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