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The Season Begins!

by on Dec.23, 2011, under In The News

December 22 the Sun transited into Capricorn, beginning the first day of Winter. Whether you are back east with the cold and snow, or out west with the cold and sunshine, Happy Winter Solstice 2011 everyone! Winter is all about celebration, gatherings, family and sharing. Now that we are all headed into that year to remember, 2012, lets all share ourselves from our heart, free of conditions or limitations.
Blessings to us all this holiday season, as we celebrate the last days of 2011!

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The Saturn Return

by on Dec.01, 2011, under In The News

Just what is a Saturn Return? It’s a term used by astrologers that means Saturn has returned to it’s natal home, the exact placement it had in your birth chart. So what? How does it influence us?

Saturn is the strict teacher of the zodiac, a planet that inspires us to learn through trial and error, and hopefully learn through each experience. It is one of the slower moving planets, astrologically speaking, and it takes 2 to 2 1/2 years to move through each of the houses in our horoscope. It is called the planet that rules Karma, the law of action and reaction, and it teaches us to take responsibility for our actions.

When Saturn Returns, it has journeyed through all twelve houses of the zodiac, and we have experienced the teachings that each house has for us. Experiences become like a compass that helps us navigate what’s right and what’s wrong for us as individuals. When we have our personal return, the first occurring between 28-30 years old, the second 56-60 and the third 84-90, we are faced with possibly a crisis that changes the landscape of our life and consciousness, or we might see where we have done our best and now the greater consequences of our life begin to happen. It all depends on how these years are spent; either dedicated to our own growth and formation, or escaping responsibility and not trying very hard.

Striving to complete all past activities, and leave no stone unturned in our quest for learning, we are now ready to begin the next 30 year cycle. It is a brand new beginning, a different life to start due to the wisdom gained through the former cycle of Saturn.

If you fall between these ages, consider the harder lessons you have been going through like finishing school. Be flexible, let go of old behaviors, fears and habits, and become the best person you can be during this transit.

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