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The Sun in Aries

by on Mar.21, 2021, under In The News, SkyerLearning

Happy Solar New Year as of March 20th, 2021! We are living in a new world in this New Year! Nothing resembles the past but for the remnants of structures and practices that used to be. And with this Solar energy, we are here to recreate and reimagine ourselves brand new.

As the months roll by we are given a chance to explore all parts of ourselves, as the Sun transits each house of the zodiac. While the Sun transits in Aries, a Cardinal Fire sign, we explore life from our child within. Like being born, we are exploring our new world with enthusiasm and curiosity. The baby is interested in basic needs, like food, water, and sustenance. We are looking at what nourishes and comforts us.

Aries is the sign that initiates our solar year, with the first month of spring; the Vernal Equinox. This is when the seeds that lie beneath the coverings of winter begin to receive the proper stimuli to sprout. Likewise, the Aries energy brings the individual a curiosity much like a child‘s, with the will and energy to act on it.

Aries, ruling the first month of the solar year, also rules the first house of the zodiac. Aries is a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs govern the beginning, the source, and plant the seeds for what is to come. Aries is a natural leader, an initiator that can be willful and courageous. Directing that will is the challenge for the Aries individual, taking care not to be a dictator or willful child.

Aries is the first fire sign. The fire element brings even more energy to the mix. Aries energy is impressive, bringing fresh insights, quick quips and great humor. Aries people can delegate well when they develop patience; as they see the whole picture faster than the rest of us, but cannot do it all alone. The challenge for them is to lead others in a team effort.

Aries is ruled by the Planet Mars. Mars is male/positive energy, a warrior energy that likes a good fight. When well directed, a strong Mars can lend to the individual a great courage, a hero‘s temperament, confidence and leadership. Badly directed can bring disharmony, selfishness, arrogance and mischeif.

The Ram is the symbol for Aries. Rams plough with their horns to expose the food beneath the surface, the sprouts that lie below, to feed their family. So the Ram energy is breaking the surface to be nourished and fed.

To strive for the highest Aries energy would be to have the strength and courage to fight for whatever ideal, cause, person that you believe in enough. To be willing to speak your mind with calm authority, rather than impulsively. To learn to listen to others so as to be the best leader. And, to pioneer new horizons that others fear to tread.

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Water Signs

by on Feb.20, 2010, under SkyerLearning

Water Signs

Water comes in many forms. Water is necessary for everything to live and grow. Without water we would be extinct. We depend on water for everything from drinking to eating, bathing and swimming, recreation to travel, weather and science discoveries ad infinitim.

Water is expressed three ways in the zodiac; once as cardinal, CANCER, once as fixed, SCORPIO, and once as mutable, PISCES. Water rules the emotions in astrology, and indicates how we feel, our instincts and intuition, and what we are sensitive to.

The element changes with its environment. So do water sign individuals. They are extremely sensitive to their environment and those they surround themselves with. At times water people blend in with their environment, and can loose themselves to it. They thrive in a harmonious environment, and suffer in disharmony.

The element, being so amorphous seeks level. It flows into spaces and fills them. It cannot contain itself, unless it’s frozen. Water people tend to seek the empty space to fill with warmth, comfort, a good meal, a secure home. They can feel other’s pain and are compelled to help.

There are two opposite expressions of the water element. When water is active and flowing, it brings harmony, compassion, and understanding to its environment. When it doesn’t have an outlet, it rages and storms, or stagnates and eventually dries up. These people are very creative and need to channel their creativity.

Water people are very deep, as the element implies. Their temperament can be like a still lake, when their water element isn’t challenged by other signs. Or, if their water is challenged in their chart, their water may be expressed more like a raging storm. Half the battle with water people is being conscious and rational rather than feeling their way through life. They can be a target for manipulation, as they tend to not want a confrontation to stir the waters.

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Air Signs

by on Feb.08, 2010, under SkyerLearning

Air is essential to life and beings above and beneath the water all depend on it. It’s everywhere, filling in all the space around us. It’s invisible, unless affected by its environment. It is the wind that moves the weather through the skies, and keeps the planet alive.

Air is expressed three ways in the zodiac; once as cardinal, LIBRA, once as fixed, AQUARIUS, and once as mutable, GEMINI. The air element in the zodiac rules the intellect, communication and perception. It indicates what we think about, our concerns, our ability to turn events into knowledge through sorting, indexing and collating in our minds.

The air element is subject to ionization, which is positive or negatively charged energy. As such, air people can communicate like a furious wind and make another flee, or, like a gentle breeze and make others comfortable. Communication is key with air people, and when their ability to do so is blocked, they get nervous and irritable. They need an intellectual outlet in order to let their energy flow. Writing is wonderful, public speaking, reading, studying and gaining knowledge keep air people happy.

Air sign people are informative. They are the messengers in life. They need to share what they know, and enjoy conversation. Air people are great at research, as they are detached and objective about their subject. Or, can tend to be dreamers and not practical about the knowledge they gather, never putting it to use. Too much air gives one the absentminded appearance of being ungrounded; living in their head.

Air signs can either be surface skimming (GEMINI and LIBRA), or extremely deep, (AQUARIUS). Light conversation to deep probing are what air signs are all about. The information needs to move through the air signs, enen when the communication is fruitless.

A frustrated air sign will become critical, restless and skeptical. They will run over and over what was said, how it should have been communicated, on and on until they get a head ache.

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Earth Signs

by on Feb.04, 2010, under SkyerLearning

The earth element comes in many forms, from rock to sand. It can be as hard as a diamond or as soft as powder. It comes as large as a mountain and as small as a speck under a microscope. It holds and records history as in the rings in a tree. Nature is a delicate balance on earth, and earth signs honor this.

There are three expressions of the earth element; the cardinal, CAPRICORN, the fixed, TAURUS, and the mutable, VIRGO. Earth rules the way in which we use our energy, what we use it for, what we are “building” in the world. It indicates our relationship with Mother Earth; whether or not we are native in nature, or uncomfortable in it.

Earth energy is what gets us through the day, putting one foot in front of the other. It gets us from here to there, we benefit from our connection to the Earth. Whatever house Earth rules, you will find practicality and determination at work. Look to these houses for the route to your trade, where your work lies.

Earth energy is grounding. It assists us in bringing our ideas down to the planet and making use of them. All Earth signs are concerned with work in one fashion or another, and thrive in constructive environments.  They usually give their share of help wherever they go.

The positive use of Earth energy is to be constructive, to build and grow and make life have meaning. It is our stick-to-it-ive-ness in order to receive comfort and satisfaction.

The negative uses of Earth energy is to be lazy and yet attached to life’s offerings, and live a life seeking gratification everywhere without responsibility.

Using the power of the Earth element shows resourceful practicality. It allows an individual to grow within the boundaries of their blueprint, and beyond.

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Life is a Ritual

by on May.05, 2009, under SkyerLearning

The difference between living and enliven is attitude. Living sounds very biological, a system living within other systems. But to be enlivened is to bring a positive attitude to the day.

Some of us go through the day like robots, making sure we go through our check list and accomplish our daily tasks. We feel we must contribute, and we have found our niche. Now and then, we even partake in moments of joy and epiphanies, and that carries us through the dry times.
(continue reading…)

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Fire Signs

by on Apr.09, 2009, under SkyerLearning

Fire is a state of being. It combines with the elements and causes reactions. When it combines with Earth, it becomes molten lava. When it combines with air, it becomes larger and fiercer. When it combines with water, it becomes steam and fog, or boils.

Fire is expressed three ways in the zodiac, once as cardinal, AIRES, once as fixed, LEO, and once as mutable, SAGITTARIUS. Fire rules passion, energy and power, and indicates where the best use of our strength lies.

Fire can be a smoldering, never ending burn that happens beneath the surface. It can ignite what it is around, and can suck the air out of a room. It uses its environment to rage on, and can deplete it.

Fire energy is dynamic. It is the provider of change, in that it transforms whatever it aligns itself with. It can destroy or create, depending how it is used.

The positive use of Fire is to ignite one’s passion to follow the trail like wildfire. To use whatever is at your disposal to get the job done. To have the energy to complete things due to your enthusiasm and this spreads to those around you.

The negative use of Fire energy is to fire off at those who aren’t deserving of it, to get invested in ego games, power games, and deplete others of their enthusiasm. The issue for fire people is allowing the ego to direct rather than their higher self, as they have limitless potential once the self steps aside. Then the leader who serves their flock emerges.

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Layers of Change

by on Mar.28, 2009, under SkyerLearning

Consider the layers of change that take place in middle age. We go through our mid life crisis, looking at our health, our relationships, our happiness, our success, or lack of any of these in our existence. We must grow and change, or we will end up frustrated, depressed, or possibly ill. (continue reading…)

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