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Air Signs

by on Feb.08, 2010, under SkyerLearning

Air is essential to life and beings above and beneath the water all depend on it. It’s everywhere, filling in all the space around us. It’s invisible, unless affected by its environment. It is the wind that moves the weather through the skies, and keeps the planet alive.

Air is expressed three ways in the zodiac; once as cardinal, LIBRA, once as fixed, AQUARIUS, and once as mutable, GEMINI. The air element in the zodiac rules the intellect, communication and perception. It indicates what we think about, our concerns, our ability to turn events into knowledge through sorting, indexing and collating in our minds.

The air element is subject to ionization, which is positive or negatively charged energy. As such, air people can communicate like a furious wind and make another flee, or, like a gentle breeze and make others comfortable. Communication is key with air people, and when their ability to do so is blocked, they get nervous and irritable. They need an intellectual outlet in order to let their energy flow. Writing is wonderful, public speaking, reading, studying and gaining knowledge keep air people happy.

Air sign people are informative. They are the messengers in life. They need to share what they know, and enjoy conversation. Air people are great at research, as they are detached and objective about their subject. Or, can tend to be dreamers and not practical about the knowledge they gather, never putting it to use. Too much air gives one the absentminded appearance of being ungrounded; living in their head.

Air signs can either be surface skimming (GEMINI and LIBRA), or extremely deep, (AQUARIUS). Light conversation to deep probing are what air signs are all about. The information needs to move through the air signs, enen when the communication is fruitless.

A frustrated air sign will become critical, restless and skeptical. They will run over and over what was said, how it should have been communicated, on and on until they get a head ache.

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