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Water Signs

by on Feb.20, 2010, under SkyerLearning

Water Signs

Water comes in many forms. Water is necessary for everything to live and grow. Without water we would be extinct. We depend on water for everything from drinking to eating, bathing and swimming, recreation to travel, weather and science discoveries ad infinitim.

Water is expressed three ways in the zodiac; once as cardinal, CANCER, once as fixed, SCORPIO, and once as mutable, PISCES. Water rules the emotions in astrology, and indicates how we feel, our instincts and intuition, and what we are sensitive to.

The element changes with its environment. So do water sign individuals. They are extremely sensitive to their environment and those they surround themselves with. At times water people blend in with their environment, and can loose themselves to it. They thrive in a harmonious environment, and suffer in disharmony.

The element, being so amorphous seeks level. It flows into spaces and fills them. It cannot contain itself, unless it’s frozen. Water people tend to seek the empty space to fill with warmth, comfort, a good meal, a secure home. They can feel other’s pain and are compelled to help.

There are two opposite expressions of the water element. When water is active and flowing, it brings harmony, compassion, and understanding to its environment. When it doesn’t have an outlet, it rages and storms, or stagnates and eventually dries up. These people are very creative and need to channel their creativity.

Water people are very deep, as the element implies. Their temperament can be like a still lake, when their water element isn’t challenged by other signs. Or, if their water is challenged in their chart, their water may be expressed more like a raging storm. Half the battle with water people is being conscious and rational rather than feeling their way through life. They can be a target for manipulation, as they tend to not want a confrontation to stir the waters.

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