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Say Goodbye to Summer

by on Sep.21, 2012, under In The News

Saturday September 22nd at 7:49 AM PDT, Autumn begins~

Looking forward to the third season of the year, of this auspicious 2012. We’re having to drop all of our comforts of the past that no longer serve us, that keep us stuck in our old patterns. It’s time to fly. It’s time to realize we are all in this together and what doesn’t divide us, unites us. After all, Love is All There Is. The rest is just a dream.

Blessings to the world in this colorful season!

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My Favorite Author and Why

by on Sep.06, 2012, under In The News

Dolores Cannon is my favorite author. I’ve been attracted to her writings since the early 90’s, beginning with A Soul Remembers Hiroshima.

I found her as I was researching other hypnotherapists doing regression work. I began learning of the value of hypnotherapy, which at the time I called “Journeying”, after meeting seasoned therapists in the late 80’s. I worked with one that taught me how our belief systems keep us stuck, or, our belief systems elevate our lives. She planted the seed which was to become my life’s work and motivation.

Dolores stumbled upon regression by accident, in 1968, when her husband who was an amateur hypnotist worked with a woman with a weight problem. Very few people had even heard of regression then; the closest thing was what Edgar Cayce was doing without her prior knowledge. When the client slipped into another lifetime and afterwards was served by the revelations that were observed, Dolores was sparked. She studied many hypnotic methods, and developed her own technique of regression to further her lifelong ambition of recovering lost knowledge via her clients. Studying history first hand.

What I love most about Dolores is her passion, her dedication and curiosity that keeps her on the cutting edge of new information for those of us on the quest to becoming our highest version possible.
I love the fact that she isn’t what you’d expect on the New Age roster, but is the most believable and down to earth author I know. I suggest if you are interested, to begin with her earliest work and move to the latest, as you will become intimate with her and her rich experiences on the quest to what life is really all about. Happy Reading!

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….Once in a Blue Moon….

by on Aug.27, 2012, under In The News

A Blue Moon according to The Farmers’ Almanac is “an extra full moon that occurred in a season; one season was normally three full moons. If a season had four full moons, then the third full moon was named a blue moon.”
Many people have begun using the name Blue Moon to describe the second full moon of a calendar month. Can there be two blue moons in a single calendar year? Yes. It last happened in 1999. There were two full moons in January and two full moons in March and no full moon in February. So both January and March had Blue Moons.

The next year of double blue moons is coming up in 2018. But, the next Blue Moon will be August 21, 2013.

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Uranus Square Pluto!

by on Jul.28, 2012, under In The News

So how’s it feel? Well, have you noticed the complete insanity going on lately, the sudden events that change the landscape of your life in the drop of a hat?

That’s Uranus square Pluto, on the forefront of our lives from May 30, 2012-March 5, 2015. Uranus is the planet of awakening through disruption, destruction, unpredictable change. The plus side is it brings creativity, resourcefulness, and perception. Pluto is the planet of transformation through struggle, obsession, confusion and conflict. The plus side is it brings rebirth, regeneration, transformation and wisdom.

So, wherever in life we have held on to “stuff” that we should let go of, these two planets will assist us by bulldozing it out of our life, in a most stressful way, or remind us of what is needed, and give us the nudge to be proactive.

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Solar Eclipse Sunday May 20th

by on May.16, 2012, under In The News

Sunday, May 20th there will be a visible solar eclipse for us all to enjoy. In L.A., it happens at 4:47 PM, New York at 7:47 PM, London at 12:47 AM, Delhi at 5:47 AM, and Sidney at 9:47 AM.

So we’ve seen these before, but now that we are all more conscious of the cosmic events and how they effect us all, this one is very special.

If you are watching from the land running from Northern California to Texas, you’ll be seeing an annular eclipse, in which the rim of the Sun becomes a brilliant ring completely encircling the black silhouette of the Moon.

The Sun will move down the afternoon sky when a dark indent begins on one edge. The indent will deepen, eventually turning the Sun into a fat crescent – or, for the western half of the continent, a thin crescent. This is the silhouette of the new Moon traveling along its monthly orbit around the Earth.

Watch as the eclipse deepens for the sky to turn a darker shade of blue, and for Venus to appear east of the Sun.

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Wesak Full Moon in Scorpio

by on May.05, 2012, under In The News

Every year in Tibet and other parts of the world people celebrate this full moon, as the Buddha’s birth. It is known all over Asia as either ‘Wesak’ or ‘Buddha Purnima’.

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, during this Full Moon we connect to the ‘Wheel of Time’, Kalachakra, with the Mandala for World Peace. This is a wonderful day to look into ourselves for the change we wish to see in the world.

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Jupiter and Venus Dancing Through the Sky

by on Mar.12, 2012, under In The News

Have you wondered what those two bright “stars” are in the skies lately? They are the planets Jupiter and Venus, dancing the night away through the heavens. The biggest and brightest is Venus, as it is closer to our planet. How does this dance effect us? With these two planets in Taurus, we focus our energies to move ahead with our worldly goals, and with determination we meet them.
With the Sun in Pisces through March 19th, take this time to dream the creative dream that will actualize the goals you’ve set for yourself. If you set them, you get them:)

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Countdown to Spring!

by on Feb.25, 2012, under In The News

Out in California, Spring OFFICIALLY begins March 19th at 11:14 PM!!! Yay! So, that means the first day of Spring is March 20th, 2012. This has been an interesting winter, weather wise, and it feels like Spring has already sprung.

There is still time to enjoy the end of the Solar Year, putting things in order to end the year properly. Then wham, a new beginning for us all!

Just knowing this gives us all the opportunity to “clean house” so to speak, clearing the debris of the past and dreaming what seeds we want to plant for our future. As in the garden, the seeds depend on the work we do prior to ever putting ithem in the ground. So take the time necessary to get the most wonderful outcome for your time spent. Dare to dream big!

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The Season Begins!

by on Dec.23, 2011, under In The News

December 22 the Sun transited into Capricorn, beginning the first day of Winter. Whether you are back east with the cold and snow, or out west with the cold and sunshine, Happy Winter Solstice 2011 everyone! Winter is all about celebration, gatherings, family and sharing. Now that we are all headed into that year to remember, 2012, lets all share ourselves from our heart, free of conditions or limitations.
Blessings to us all this holiday season, as we celebrate the last days of 2011!

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The Saturn Return

by on Dec.01, 2011, under In The News

Just what is a Saturn Return? It’s a term used by astrologers that means Saturn has returned to it’s natal home, the exact placement it had in your birth chart. So what? How does it influence us?

Saturn is the strict teacher of the zodiac, a planet that inspires us to learn through trial and error, and hopefully learn through each experience. It is one of the slower moving planets, astrologically speaking, and it takes 2 to 2 1/2 years to move through each of the houses in our horoscope. It is called the planet that rules Karma, the law of action and reaction, and it teaches us to take responsibility for our actions.

When Saturn Returns, it has journeyed through all twelve houses of the zodiac, and we have experienced the teachings that each house has for us. Experiences become like a compass that helps us navigate what’s right and what’s wrong for us as individuals. When we have our personal return, the first occurring between 28-30 years old, the second 56-60 and the third 84-90, we are faced with possibly a crisis that changes the landscape of our life and consciousness, or we might see where we have done our best and now the greater consequences of our life begin to happen. It all depends on how these years are spent; either dedicated to our own growth and formation, or escaping responsibility and not trying very hard.

Striving to complete all past activities, and leave no stone unturned in our quest for learning, we are now ready to begin the next 30 year cycle. It is a brand new beginning, a different life to start due to the wisdom gained through the former cycle of Saturn.

If you fall between these ages, consider the harder lessons you have been going through like finishing school. Be flexible, let go of old behaviors, fears and habits, and become the best person you can be during this transit.

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